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Macklemore si Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz)


Dupa succesul cu single-ul „Same Love„, Macklemore si Ryan Lewis revin cu inca o melodie pentru albumul lor iminent, The Heist. “Thrift Shop” atrage un feature cu Wanz, si canta despre un topic putin mai serios decat casatoria homosexualilor. Iata ce vrea Macklemore sa ne spuna:

I am the most prolific thrift shopper in the rap game right now. What Bob Barker is to the Price Is Right, I am to used fringe jackets. My collection is worth anywhere between $70 and a $100,000,000 depending on who’s appraising it. I’m gonna be honest, if it’s me… I’m going with a million. Count the zero’s. That’s how many fur jackets I have. Tell PETA my Mink, Fox, Rabbit, Coyote, and Hungarian Raccoon jacket are ALL dragging on the floor. And I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way. I love my animals. But they’re dead. And they’ve been dead for hella. When I wear them, I’m bringing them back to life and introducing them to a whole new generation who wasn’t around when they were out in the woods doing their thing. Those animals have now migrated from some old lady’s closet, to a thrift shop and are now getting their proper shine, up to 40 years later. It’s recycling. And recycling is beautiful, am I right? That’s what this song is about. – Macklemore


Macklemore si Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz) | iTunes


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